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Advanced User's Guide

Store + Credit

Instead of credits, we use MI Credit and a store where you can buy upgrades. This means you can do far more with your winnings and buy upgrades that are specific to how you want to play the game. It also gives us a great platform to introduce new items, upgrades and features for the game.


You cannot constantly hire for protection in Mafia Inferno. By default, you can be protected from hiring for a total of 300 seconds during any 10 minute period. The protection allocation is reset every 10 minutes when turns are handed out. You only get protection from hiring, collecting and producing will not stop you being attacked. The amount of protection you have is displayed in red on the top right of each page.

Family ranks

Unlike other games, our family ranks are determined by how strong and active families are. Instead of just making the richest family win, we use the protection racket in the collect page to determine family ranks. The amount you get is based on your family's comparative strength in your base city. Protection money can be collected up to once per 5 minutes in each city so being active really helps.

Rank Types

Every round, prizes are awarded in 6 categories:

Godfathers - Ranked on networth. Players who use 50.00 or more MI Credit.
Underbosses - Ranked on networth. Players who use between 10.00 and 49.99 MI Credit.
Made Men - Ranked on networth. Players who have used between 0.00 and 9.99 MI credit.

Hitmen - Ranked on kills. Players who have used 10.00 MI Credit or more.
Thugs - Ranked on kills. Players who have used up to 9.99 MI Credit.

Families - Ranked on protection money collected. Family prizes are split between the family members, with 25% going to the member who has collected most protection money, 15% to the person who collected 2nd most, and 10% going to the person who collected 3rd most. The remaining 50% is split equally between all family members.

Progressive prizes

In Mafia Inferno, All our prizes are progressive. The more MI credit people use, the higher the prizes go. As well as meaning that the best players get better prizes, this helps to keep MI credit good value for money and balances the amount of money donated with the amount of credit in the game. Whenever somebody buys an upgrade with gold credit, All prizes except the units increase.


Unlike other games, our units do not have a minimum payout. What you see is what you get. For every 10 platinum MI credit used, the unit will go up by $3. The buy rate for platinum credit is currently 1.5 platinum per $1 donated. That means for every $10 bought and used, $4.50 will go into the unit. In rounds where we have cash reserve packs available, 50% of the net payment is added to the units directly.

Inferno King

The Inferno King upgrade is an item that deserves special note. It grants a number of bonuses to the player that controls it. The catch? Only one person can be the king at any given moment. You can buy the title from our store for 1.00 MI Credit. When you buy it, the old king loses the crown and they get a message telling them that you bought it off them. If you use platinum credit, nobody can buy the crown for at least 180 seconds. If you use gold, nobody can buy it for at least 60 seconds. You can take the crown for free if you kill all of the operatives and defensives of the current king, regardless of how long they

The king gets these bonuses:
5% extra defense strength when defending
5% extra attacking power when attacking
15% more effective when hiring, collecting and producing
can deposit 5% more in bank and vault

Make A Deal

This page allows you to claim tickets to setup various illicit deals. If you see a ticket, click on the number before any other players do and you'll be able to make a deal. Heres the best bit, when you get a deal, you can get anything in the game from it (turns, reserves, cash, operatives, defensives, drugs, cars, planes or guns). If you claim a ticket before other players, you have 24 hours to use the deal otherwise it's lost forever.

You can also buy deals from the store. Stocks are replenished every 2 hours (1,3,5,7,9 and 11 o'clock EST). If you buy those deals, the deals are there waiting for you, you wont have to claim tickets for them.


Here's a big one. Tournaments are another way of playing Mafia Inferno. Instead the Free-For-All in normal games, these games are head to head against another player / group of players. These tournaments will have progressive units. Only the players involved in a particular round can play so there's no outside interference however all players can view the standings of various games.

All of our tournaments will be free to enter and have a cash prize for winner / winning team and a prize for the runners up. At the moment, this way of playing is unique to Mafia Inferno, like most things in this advanced guide.

Friends List

In Mafia Inferno, you can add your friends and family members to your friends list in game. These will carry over from round to round so its easy to find and invite your friends / family members if they change their names. Want to go undercover? No problem, that's where hide mode comes in.

Hide Mode

Hide mode is an option that lets you go under the radar. Your medals are automatically hidden and you will not show up anybody's friends list. While in hide mode, you can add new friends including friends already on your list but they will no longer appear if you exit hide mode or the round ends. Friends added whilst in hide mode do not carry over from round to round. You can choose whether you want to activate hide mode when you join a round. You can also toggle it on/off in My Profile > Options.

Bank Attack

This attack, if successful will let you take some of your enemy's banked cash. To do so, You will have to guess their bank PIN correctly. You may also have a fight on your hands if your enemy chooses to defend their bank. If you fight them and win, you will get 2 guesses at their bank PIN. If they choose not to defend, you go straight to guessing the PIN.

On the flipside, if you have defensive units, you can defend against bank attacks in 3 ways.
Defend your bank - Your men will attempt to kill any enemies that attack your bank.
Counterattack enemy HQ - Your men will do a headquarters attack on your enemy while they're at your bank and steal a portion of their cash.
Counterattack Bank - Your men will attack your enemy's bank while they attack yours. You leave your bank undefended but you have a chance to walk off with some of their banked cash.

You can choose your preferences of defending in profile options.
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