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Mafia Inferno - Game Guide

Game Guide

Fast Start

Hire some thugs and bodyguards. These will defend you if you are attacked by another mafioso. Buy some weapons from the black market or your defensive units will get whacked. Look for a family to join. The guys in your family will back you up if anybody attacks you. Hire some operatives to make you money then buy some drugs on the black market to keep all of your operatives and defensive units happy. If they're not happy, they'll just go and work for a mafioso who gives them more drugs.


The game is split into rounds. This makes it so players cant get to far ahead so everybody has a chance to win if they're good enough. At the end of each round, prizes will be awarded to the best mafia bosses. There are two round types; normal rounds and mini rounds. The normal round is where you make a name for yourself. Here you need to earn the respect of other mafiosi. In the mini round, you get more turns so if a mafioso has disrespected you or your family you can whack them in the mini round and show them who's boss.


If you want to stay alive in the mafia underworld, you'll need to use your turns wisely. Every 10 minutes, turns are handed out to all players. It's up to you what you do with them. To perform most actions in game, you will need to use turns. The amount you need to use depends on what you want to do. If you use your turns wisely, you will be able to win attacks against other players.


At the end of each round, prizes will be awarded to the best players in each category. You can view the standings page or the full prize list to see what prizes are available. To win prizes, you'll need to show you have what it takes to be a good mafia boss. The top player in the highest category will win the units.


In the mafia, you gotta stick together. If you don't, mafiosos from other families or cops will come after you. If you join a family, you have protection against that and if you do get whacked, they can hit the bitch that did it. The richest families will win prizes for every member. For added protection or if you have too many friends to fit in one family, you can have a union of up to 5 families.
There is a family option to let anybody join your family without requiring an invite. Only the Don and Underboss can turn this on or off. This should be useful for people wishing to expand their families and convenient for getting regular members in quickly.
There is now a Family Maxing List, accessible from the Family Page. Any player in the family can add / remove themselves from the list. Dons, underbosses and enforcers can add anybody in the family to the list.

Family Ranks

If you're loyal to your family, the don may promote you. Here is a list of family and union positions you can acheive:-
Don - Leader of a family. The don has ultimate control over the family and can invite, promote or remove anybody from his/her family, purchase upgrades for their family, manage relations with other families and update the family maxing list.
Underboss - Second in command of a family. This is a trusted advisor of the Don who helps him/her run the family. Has all options that the don except for making a player underboss.
Bankers - A family banker looks after all the money for the family. Two bankers are allowed per family. Bankers can promote family members up to the rank of capo and also get an extra bonus when depositing cash in their banks.
Enforcers - The family's protection. Enforcers generally have large amounts of defensive units and protect their families. They can also attack members of their own family, no matter their networth to max them. Any kills gained from enforcer by killing family members are not counted towards the total.
Capos - A trusted, long standing member of the family. Can send invites and change family media.


A real mafia boss doesn't get their hands dirty. You will need to hire others to do your dirty work. Hitmen, Bodyguards and Thugs will carry out any hits you order. The more you hire, the lower the possibility of you getting attacked by another mafioso. Whores, Hustlers, Punks, Bootleggers and Card Dealers will earn you cash and produce drugs for you. The more you hire, the more money you can make.


So you hired some operatives? If you dont collect money from them, they'll just sit there doing nothing. This is the main way of making money. You'll be judged on how much money you make so don't let the family down.


If somebody disrespects you or your family, you need some money or if you just feel like a fight, you can attack players. There are a range of different attacks you can do. Drive-by shootings, carjacking, murdering operatives, robbing their business or a full scale territory invasion are your options. If you really want to show somebody who's the boss, attacking them will remind them and can be very profitable. Pick the wrong hit however, and you could be 'sleeping with the fishes' You can attack mafiosos based on their networth. If you're a capo worth $500,000 you cant whack a mafia don worth $50 billion. Check the 'game settings' page in game for up to date attack ranges.


Producing is a way of getting drugs, alcohol or cash from your employees. Instead of a cut of their profits, you can get narcotics or fake money. This can be cheaper than buying drugs off the black market

Black Market

This is where you buy items you need. Weapons, drugs and vehicles are all essential for a good mafia organisation. They ain't cheap so make sure you got a good business.


Here, you can manage your money. Stash it in the bank, your personal vault or send it to a friend to protect it. If you use the bank, you can earn interest on any money you have deposited. Here, you can also accept or cancel transfers to and from your friends.


So you're in Chicago and your buddy gets whacked in Palermo. Pay the bitch who did it a visit. Whenever you travel, all your guys come with you and you gotta fork out for the tickets. If you have any private jets, your guys can go for free. The more jets you have, the more guys can go for free.


So you got whacked by some hotshot from another family and he's now loaded so you cant whack him back? You're in luck. If somebody attacks you, you can attack them back unlimited times for up to 24 hours, no matter what they're now worth. Click 'revenges' in your mailbox page and you'll be able to get even.


You can add other players into your friends list. If they accept your request, you can see their name in other rounds so its easy to find good guys you can count on. To add a friend, click 'add to friends' on their profile or type in their name on your friends page. You'll need to give them a nickname that you'll remember them by. Even if they choose a different name next round, you'll still know who they are, UNLESS they hide for the round. (See Hide Mode.)

Hide Mode

When you join a round, you can use Hide Mode which will make you not appear on your friends' lists. This is useful if you want to infiltrate the enemy. With hide mode active, your medals and kills will be hidden by default. You can switch hide mode on and off at any point in the round by clicking Profile > Options.


To prevent players being attacked as soon as they hire some units, hiring gives you protection from being attacked. For every turn you use to hire, you get 1 second of protection, up to a maximum of 60 seconds protection. You are entitled to 5 minutes protection out of every 10 minutes. You can also use MI credit to purchase upgrades for 6,7 and 8 minutes protection. In some rounds, there will be no protection. To see whether protection is enabled in a round, join the round and click 'Round Settings'.

Round Settings

From round to round, various settings in game may change. Click the round settings link so you're always aware of what you can and cannot do in a particular round.


Mafia Inferno is free to play. However, if you wish to donate money to the site to help with our running costs, donations are very welcome. To donate money, click the 'Donate' link. We currently accept donations via PayPal. For every donation, we'll give you something to say thanks. You can choose your reward depending on the button you click to donate. If you would like extra reserve turns as a reward, click one of the buttons on the main menu after you join a round.


There is a limit on the number of times a player can be attacked. Each player can be attacked 24 times the first time they're attacked and 1 attack per hour afterwards. If somebody has been attacked 24 times, the next time they will be attacked is the next top of hour (TOH) eg. 12:00, 13:00, 14:00 etc.

In order to prevent enemies attacking their members, some families attack their own members so they are 'maxed'. A 'maxing' attack is normally much lower damage than a normal attack, generally a drive by shooting using less than 10 cars. The family Enforcer can attack and max members of their own family.

Don and Underboss can max any player in their family at any networth. They can also assign up to two enforcers who can max at any networth. Losing attacks do not count toward maxing, only winning hits count. If both sides lose the same number of du's, it does not count either.

Make a Deal - NEW!

Meet Uncle Tony. He'll set you up with a cool deal to earn cash, bank balance, drugs, cars, operatives or defensive units. Tony's a busy man though, you're gonna need an appointment just to talk to him. Grab a ticket from the Make A Deal page in game and Tony will reward you. You have to be quick to get the tickets, it's first come first served so you're up against other players desperate to make a deal with the legendary Tony Bologna. Tickets will appear at random times. When more people are online, tickets will appear more frequently and in higher volume.

Protection Money - NEW!

The strongest 3 families in each city can collect protection money from local businesses in that city. Anybody in one of the strongest three families can collect the protection money and when it's been collected you have to wait 5 minutes until you can collect the next payment. To start collecting protection money, go to the collect page. If you're not in one of the strongest three families you have 3 choices. 1) join one of the strongest three families in that city. 2) wipe out one or more of the strongest three families and get your family into the top three. 3) move to a new city. There is a 6 hour cool off period if you want to collect in 2 different cities. eg if you collect in New York and then move to Los Angeles, you have to wait until 6 hours after you collected in New York before you can start collecting protection money in LA. Finally, you must be in your family's home city to collect protection money. This can be viewed on the family page.

MI Credit - NEW!

This can currently be spent in the store. There are currently 3 types of MI Credit. None expire but the better the type you use the better the game upgrade you can buy.

Gold - From winning prizes
Platinum - From donating to our website
Tournament - For use in tournaments. Obtained by donating to our site.
All prizes are MI Credit.

Store - NEW!

This is where you use your MI credit to buy upgrades. You can buy various upgrades to enhance your gameplay. All transactions from the store are only applicable for the round in which you buy them. You can also buy items for your friends and family members. Click on the green outlined mafioso to buy for another player. When the image is filled light green, a valid name has been entered. You can receive up to a maximum of 100 coins worth from other players in a round, and can buy up to a maximum of 100 coins worth for other players in a given round.

Inferno King - NEW!

The Inferno King upgrade is available to purchase in the store and whoever owns it receives these benefits.
Deposit 10% more in bank
Deposit 10% more in vault
Find 15% more units when hiring
Produce 15% more
Collect 15% more
+15% DU Hit Points when defending
+15% DU accuracy when attacking
You're the King!

Only 1 person can be king at a time. If you buy it from the store, the old king is de-throned. If you double zero the king, you automatically claim the title and crown.

If you use platinum credit, you are guaranteed the throne for 3 minutes. If you use gold, you're guaranteed 1 minute. If you double zero the old king to get the title, there are no guarantees on how long you can keep it!

Level Thresholds

Made Man and Thug refer to a player who spends less then 10 coins in a round. Underboss and Hitman refer to a player who spends 10 or more coins in a round. Godfather refers to a player who spends 50 or more coins in a round. Only a Godfather is eligible to win the main cash prize for a round. The 10/50 coins includes any coins a friend may spend on you in that round.

Win Gold Coins

Gold MI credit is now capped at 250. At the 4 days, 2 hour left point in each main round, any gold credit over 250 in your account will be removed. The timing of the removal allows you 4 days and a choice of main or mini on how you wish to spend any excess credit.

5,000 Bonus Reserves

You can earn 5000 bonus reserves by joining new rounds before they start.
You can earn 5000 bonus reserves by voting on polls set up by admin.
If you have suggestions for improving the game, you don't have to wait for a poll though... Admin are always willing to listen to your ideas.

Prizes and Donation System

Starting from round 107, we changed our prize system. Any platinum MI credit used will contribute 30% of the value of the item to the units for the round in which you purchase an item.
This makes units more accurately correlate to what happens in a given round.
In addition to this, we changed donations so that you get 1.5 platinum MI credit for every $1 USD donated to the site. This will add more reward for donating and will also keep 50% of donation value flowing into units. (e.g. a $10 donation will get you 15 platinum which will add 5 to a unit).

Introducing facebook Single-Sign On and facebook connect...

After putting in a lot of work on this over the past few months, we're happy to announce the completion of our integration in addition to a brand new homepage and signup process.
You can now connect your facebook account to your existing Mafia Inferno account for even easier access, just make sure your MI email matches your facebook email.
Users who connect their facebook account will get a 1 off bonus of 10 gold credits. Click here to connect your account now. Dont forget to 'Like' our facebook page to get the latest news and updates.

Bank Attack

This attack, if successful will let you take some of your enemy's banked cash. To do so, You will have to guess their bank PIN correctly. You may also have a fight on your hands if your enemy chooses to defend their bank. If you fight them and win, you will get 2 guesses at their bank PIN. If they choose not to defend, you go straight to guessing the PIN.

On the flipside, if you have defensive units, you can defend against bank attacks in 3 ways.
Defend your bank - Your men will attempt to kill any enemies that attack your bank.
Counterattack enemy HQ - Your men will do a headquarters attack on your enemy while they're at your bank and steal a portion of their cash.
Counterattack Bank - Your men will attack your enemy's bank while they attack yours. You leave your bank undefended but you have a chance to walk off with some of their banked cash.

You can choose your preferences of defending in profile options.

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