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Beginner's Guide

Aim of the game

Your aim is to become the richest, most feared mafioso in the world. It's that simple.

How do I start?

In Mafia Inferno, there are 3 main ways to make money. You can attack other players and steal their money, use your operatives to collect you money or you can produce and sell narcotics. To do any of these, you'll need to hire some guys to do your dirty work. A real mafioso doesnt sell drugs, he gets somebody to do it for him.

What units should I hire?

This depends on how you want to make your money. If you want to run businesses to make your money, you'll need to hire operatives. If you want to gun down rich players and take their money, you'll need plenty of defensive units. Of course, you will always need some defensive units to protect you. A mafioso should always be looking over his shoulder. If you dont have enough guys to protect you will learn the hard way.

So are there prizes?

Yes, Mafia Inferno is run on a round basis. At the end of each round, we award a number of prizes to the best mafiosos. Prizes available include medals and MI Credit. The top 8 players in each category will win prizes.

What is MI Credit?

MI (Mafia Inferno) Credit is the virtual currency of Mafia Inferno. You can use it to buy upgrades from our store. You can get MI Credit by winning prizes, winning competitions or by making a donation to the site. We award 1.00 MI credit per $1 USD donated.

What else should I know?

This guide is just the top of the iceberg. You can read the Full Guide to learn more or start playing right away, there's always at least 1 game active. When you start playing, join a family, other players will have lots of tips for you. Good luck!
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