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Mafia Inferno Game Godfathers Established 2010

Enter a world where no second thought is taken when eliminating the competition. Where team work pays the way to vicotry on these streets of chaos. This is where Thugs become hustlers, Made men become Dons and a Godfather can become a corpse all within the same day. Join the thousands of MI members from all over the globe and meet, chat, join or defeat some of the best players within the Mafia Inferno community and be awarded with free loyalty points simply for playing and then use those points to increase your turn speed free. Win awards & prizes daily every 24 hours, weekly every 3 day mini to 7 day rounds, monthly tournament awards & prizes and legendary for the all time best since 2010 when Mafia Inferno was launched. join us and play now.

Mafia Inferno Game hustlers make money 2021

  • Some features within the MI community:
    Daily Awards & Prizes
    Weekly Awards & Prizes
    Monthly Awards & Prizes
    Tournament Awards & Prizes
    Loyalty Points & Store
    Monthly event Trophy's
    Community Awards
    Own over 100 plus businesses
    Make A deal
    Crack a safe
    Capture and kill the Moles
    MI Legends
    Auto armed defensive units
    MI Legend interviews
    Protection racket
    Upgrades and boosters
    Family Perks

  • Enjoy special rounds seen nowhere else.
    Killer Instinct
    Thug Life
    Double take
    Money Bags
    Monthly event
    Gold Rush
Mafia Inferno Game Members Only bodyguards protection

  • Attack their headquarters:
    Kill enemies, steal money and guns
  • Attack their business:
    Kill off their protection and operatives
    and steal money.
  • Drive-by shooting:
    Kill off their family and continue driving
  • Attack drug routes:
    Steal their drugs.
  • Jacking cars:
    Steal their cars
  • Hijack planes:
    Steal their planes and private jets
  • Bank heist:
    Steal money from their bank
  • Blow up your enemies family:
    Dismantle a family and take a % of their goods
  • Heist other owned businesses:
    Rob your enemies business profits
  • Own your businesses:
    Buy, sell, trade and stack your own businesses
  • City control:
    Take over cities and increase your business profits within those cities
  • and you always have a local hospital to recover at least the wounded. And so much more.
Mafia Inferno Game by AllMafia Gaming win prizes real cash

  • Collect or produce goods and services
  • invite and meet members globally
  • Join or go into war with the best of the best.
  • Get free gold for referrals
  • Hourly bonus for being active.
  • Bonus reserves to those who sign up
    before round begins
  • and so much more.
  • Receive gold, silver, bronze and special
    medals, awards and badges for your
    skillset and loyalty to the MI Community.

  • Some of our awards/medals:

Lone Wolf
King of kings

Double Take
Money Bags
Thug Life
Killer Instinct
Most Wanted
and so much more...

Mafia Inferno is proud to have loyal and honest players around the globe who have been with the mafia inferno community since 2010 and still are currently with us today here in 2024. Thank you all for your support because without YOU there is no Mafia Inferno.

Mafia Inferno Reviews Mafia Inferno Reviews Mafia Inferno Reviews
Mafia Inferno Game Most advanced mafia bots anywhere the moles.

Allow us to introduce to you the most advanced mobster bots on the
net. The Moles have features no other game has. It’s also a game
within itself. Try your best to find out who the moles are and hunt them
down and kill the most moles within the round, and you will be awarded.
Prizes include gold, the Exterminator medal, winning the rank for monthly tournaments and a chance to be become
a MI Legend, which also provides MI Legend Medals and awards.

Mafia Inferno Game Become a legend, earn cash 2021 win prizes

Only the best within the MI community can become MI Legends.
Simply visit Mi Legends to see what ranks qualitfy to be a
MI Legend. From there choose which rank you can defeat within
one round. MI Legends are displayed on the MI Legends page by
every rank that your defeat until someone else defeats
your MI Legends record, All MI Legends will receive a animated
MI Legend Medal and by that medal will be displayed how many
MI Legends records you have broken within main and mini rounds.

Mafia Inferno Game Godfathers Established 2010

Join a 7-day main or a 3-day mini round. Create or join a loyal family and meet new
friends or enemies in the process. Use teamwork and free MI Gold + Platinum credit to help battle
through the cities being taken over and try to fight your way up the levels to success.
This will not be easy. Sure you can attempt to do it alone, but Mafia is about family
loyality, respect. Without it, you’ll have everyone against you. This isn't just about the
money and the power, this is war! Do you have it in you to take on the challenage and
responsiblity that comes with this task to the Godfather level and become a MI Legend?


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